Make better loggos pl0x

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The hate machine,

None of us are as cruel as all of us?

Oh so this is a competition of who can fuel the fire of hate? Well. Let me judge you a little more.

Why not just try to find someone like Hitler to follow. Oh yes, that is correct, because none of you would actually be man enough to do anything in real life to another person.

Oh another typo of mine. Excuse me. *Man. I meant little kids watching anime porn and wishing they had girl friends that didn't look like something you would find off the street corners on a late night.

I hope I didn't anger the "hate machine" . Please send hate comments. But whatever you do. Please do not hack my myspace or my runescape game. Things on the internet are very valuable to me, since abstract things are my life.

-Thanks for your invaluable time Anon.