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Alright /a/.

I have here a revolver, and do you know what that means? Anonymous has had a long, miserable, shitty day, and we're going to play some russian rhoulette, /a/ style.

Post a char, and post ending in corresponding gets result, oh, and btw, I'm not too original.

0: Nothing at all, try again?

1: One night stand, most incredible sex ever

2: Friend zone, you're friends, and nothing more, sorry.

3. 3's the charm, and you're dead.

4. Four is for gore, you and your partner decide to go battle royale on the world and kill everything you see. The cops finally catch you, and you and your partner finish eachother off.

5. I get the char. This could easily go either way, seeing as there's some pretty fucked up people I do NOT want to be with.

6. Spontaneous combustion of yourself.

7. Lucky 7, lucky you, go home and fuck, or have a romantic date, you two lovers.

8. Your dick just exploded. Better luck on pain series, bud.

9. You come to a dilemna. Either you're happy with your girl or character, or you can sacrifice their soul for a free triple whopper at Burger King while supplies last. Includes happy meal toy.

GET (00, etc): GOD MODE. What's your desire?