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It seems a few of you haven't even tried Hellsing because you're convinced that vampires = emo goth fags and therefore that's what Hellsing is like.
You couldn't be more wrong.
Hellsing has many awesome aspects to it. Basically, the bad guys always win. Very few animes have anti-heros like Hellsing does. There's no moralfaggotry, they're just evil, and that's awesome. It's not dark, it's not depressing, it's not sad, it's evil. There's a difference.

Now it's not exactly shallow either. There is a dramatic, emotional side to it but that really isn't introduced until many volumes into the story. And really, the series expects you to figure it out yourself rather than wasting time explaining everything, so you can choose to learn about the characters or not.

And the plot? Well, it won't make you think, and it won't require too much intelligence, but it's based in real history and therefore a lot of the complex stuff is already written ahead of time. The plot works, but this is much more the kind of show where the characters matter more.

So tl;dr,
if you want insane action you don't have to take seriously BUT it won't insult your intelligence at all, and may even make you interested in learning a few things on your own, than Hellsing is for you.
Watch the OVA, read the manga, then watch the anime.