Akehabara Street

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I went here with a group of my friends on a weeklong trip to a handful of cities across Japan and I have to say it was magical.

We played an amazing Gundam arcade game at the sega building (although I got motion sickness from it).

We went to a multiple tech and dvd shops.

Then we went to a manga shop and it was great, except a full HALF of the store was Hentai. They didn't even make an attempt to hide it. It was fully up front and out there.

Later on, in Kyoto, we went to another manga place that also carried dvds. It was awesome. No hentai out in the open, no smelly nerds. Just normal people, like me and you, buying comic books and merchandise. A few shops down from the manga store was a place called Melon Books. You can guess what it carried.

Japan is such a magical place.