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Q: I was reading through your latest column, or ummm, the one with nothing but Answerfan responses, and I kept noticing something people were saying that just irritated me. It's something I've seen many times before as well. Basically, when talking about Fansubbers, several different people were talking about the quality of various fansub groups and how some are much better than others. Specifically, they made mention of how some groups are doing a really good job and are very accurate in their work, translations, and/or how they accurately reflect how the character is talking, etc...

I'm sorry, but I have to ask... Just how do these people know if the Fansubbers are getting it right or not? This has been bugging me for a while and I figured I'd send this email to you to see what you thought. When people say fansubbers are good at translating, or in some cases, they are even better than the companies... How do they know this? I can't imagine very many people at all know enough Japanese to be able to effectively back-up this claim. I just don't understand how/why they can say this in their arguments. I understand if you like a particular fansub group or think they are doing a good job, but unless you yourself have taken many, many years of Japanese, it would be impossible for you to know for sure if they are actually doing the good job you think they are.

Sorry to get so riled-up about it, I just don't think people should be arguing that point unless they can actually back-up what they are saying with experience and proof. What's your take on this?