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Ok I rarely make my own threads here but I'm making an exception.

To start with: I'm a dubfag but I'm the type of dubfag that enjoys subs too, I just prefer to watch things in my primary language for the most part.

That said I recently got a chance to watch the FMP: TSR english dub, having watched the subs a while ago I was curious and found it to be a pretty high quality dub until it reached the final scene when Souske unleashes his final attack on Mr Gates signalling not only the end of his uncertainty but his mastery of the lambda driver. I'd been looking forward to this scene since I thought it was a great way to end the series when I watched the sub but for some reason ADV decided to go ahead and change the goddamned music to the scene. In the subs the opening song 'Minami Kaze' played as Souske blasted Gates apart with his righteous fist, in the dub some shitty military music plays as he does it basically robbing the scene of most of its impact.

In conclusion: I'm piss.