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Although many of you may consider this the panel that removed any significant GAR from his personality, please consider this, he was raped for his people. Even the most badass GAR men to have ever lived have not had a sausage shoved up their poopshoot for their country.

George Washington led his men through grueling agony and rode along the front lines provoking enemy fire, but was he raped by some fat British slob? No. David Crocket, one of the manliest frontiersmen laid dying at the Alamo, but did he get sodomized by some pudgy wetback? No. Even our beloved Putin has yet to be raped for his country!

Alucard on the other hand, he took it without shedding a single tear. By god he didn't even get a reach-around out of it! So before you insist that Alucard isn't GAR, ask yourself, have you been barebacked by some hairy motherfucker for your country?