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I had this strange dream last night. I was working in a Japanese restaurant as a waiter. I was doing my usual waiter stuff and this nerdy white customer comes in and starts instantly talking about how great anime is and all of that basic weeaboo trash you hear in the Naruto forums. I’m for some reason feeling sympathetic towards this loser and invite him to join me as I fix little something for both of us to eat. You know, just a bit of harmless chatting and I’m thinking that perhaps I could teach this guy a thing or two. The guy starts his idiotic ranting again and I kind regret paying attention him in the first place as the manager and his wife suddenly join us. The wife looks bizarrely like Condoleezza Rice which is kind of disturbing since it’s clear that she is native Japanese person. The manager and his negro look-a-like wife are acting really hateful towards my weeaboo friend and the wife even directly insults him with her shitty jap english. I rage over her hypocrisy and tell her that she is incompetent in her trade (as if it is the worst insult that you can tell to a Japanese person) and ask her to fuck off. Suddenly I realize that my western friend has disappeared and I’m probably going to get fired because of my manners. This where the dream ends.

What do you think, /a/? Is it acceptable for a non-native to critique the racism of Japan?