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I was out with some "friends" of mine today, and we were in the library. Well out of boredom, I decided to check this website to see if there had been any development or information on real life Pokemon and other things.

Well, my friends with their keen eyes saw the banner "Pokeclipse: Real Pokemon Believers". They proceeded with laughing at it and saying "Who the hell believes in Pokemon? Seriously, where did you find this website".

I turned around and said "I believe in Pokemon, we have bare facts which prove they exist and we have almost found a way itno their world or atleast found a way to know they are real!". They paused, and then started laughing at me, calling me gay and told me to stop joking.

I bought up some threads and explained it to them, and told them that they are idiots for laughing. I grabbed my bag and left as they looked at eachother in silence.

Did I own them? I'm also nervous to see them tommorow, so I'm wondering what I should say to them. Seriously, these people annoy me when they laugh at our beliefs when we have the truth infront of us.