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Yes. It is somewhat difficult for me to disperse my thoughts in such a manner...yes. That is because I am not from this planet, and my only reason for living is to prevent the boredom of Suzumiya Haruki, in order to preserve the existence of this planet. I have only been alive for two human years, and thus I have never truly been given an outlet for which to express my emotions. In fact, it has been said that I should not even posses such things. I will admit that perhaps my life would be easier without them.

But the reason I have come to see a therapist is because of the troubling dreams that have been interrupting my sleeping patterns. For instance, last night I dreamed that I was participating in an act of fornication with a miss Kyonko, and- pardon? Yes, that is...well, she never said that it was not her real name. Yes...yes, she is a female student who attends the school which I am currently attending, as is Suzumiya Haruki. You see, we are in a 'club' together. It consists of myself, Suzumiya-san, two other students- and then there is Kyonko.

...Yes- no, not particularly. Well, Kyonko is important to Suzumiya-san, we believe, and thus I would not dare to make any advances on her. I no longer inform her of things such as the fact that my penis sometimes becomes hard in her presence, depending on the amount of clothing that she is wearing at the time. She told me that this made her uncomfortable- I did not know then that talking about human parts causes discomfort in humans, but I have added this to my field of knowledge at the present time. But I will admit that I have taken to a few acts of...affection. For example, two days ago Kyonko fell asleep in the club room, and I draped my jacket over her shoulder so that her body temperature would not drop below what is normal for a human girl.