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Hey /a/,
I had the weirdest experience today. I went for a walk and was admiring the sky and trees and the way things work. Just observing and thinking. On my way home I came across a basketball court with people playing on it. I was already almost home and didn't want to go around them because it would take me longer to get home. I walked on the sidelines and had my hood on. There was a teen in front of me looking at the game with his hood on of towards the right side. As I got closer to him (so I could pass) I had a fantastic sensation. My heart quickened and I started to breath a little faster. Adrenaline shot into my bloodstream and I was feeling more and more exited as I got closer to him. His back was towards me and he had his hood on so he couldn't see me. I couldn't realize why I was so exited until I was right behind him. Then I figured it out. I wanted to kill him. not out of anger or because he was black, but for some reason I wanted to slit his throat from behind and watch him shudder to the floor as he bleed out. I wanted to choke him until he was no longer breathing because he couldn't see my face and would wonder who did this to him. But instead I passed and walked straight home. Has this every happened to you anon? Or something else weird or crazy? I want to know if I'm not alone.
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