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I feel sorry to say this, people of /a/, but you missed out on a big part of Gurren-Lagann's charm by not knowing Japanese. BSS did a decent job in the translation, but their dialogs still lack the original syntactical quirks of the original language. As some of you know, the writer of most of the episodes and series composer was actually a professional award-winning novelist-playwright and as such he knows the powers of sentence construction and meaning quirks. This is not just a problem of Kamina's rhyme-like dialogs being lost, Loli Nia's simple but extremely polite wording or Normal Adult Nia unnecessarily long-winded wording but about how at some lines their translation tended to lack some distinctive flow.

The original has a sense of kabuki/Shakespeare dramatics in wording, yours is just "decent enough".

tl;dr: Learn Japanese.