Scientific study.

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The government has granted me money to continue my project. Here are the extended results: This is a highly scientific profile of a few of the fanbases on /a/. Enjoy my academic findings.

One Piece: Kids with a persecution complex
Naruto: Don't exist on /a/, despite the frequency of threads.
Bleach: Masochists
Baccano: "It's cool because it's not popular" crowd
Higurashi: Teenagers with the minds of children who think crazy is cool.
Lucky Star: People who watch anime for archetypes instead of actual content.
Pokemon: 20 year olds who haven't quite grown up. The most adorable of the fanbases.
Gurren Lagann: Resilient bastards. Like fucking cockroaches.
Death Note: The same people who visit ED and recite irritating memes.
Evangelion: The people who think things are great when they don't understand it, then think it's amazing after they read explanations on the Internet
Aria: Calm and laid back fanbase, with one exception. The word "Marriage" sends them into an angry tailspin. The cause eludes scientific explanation.
Gundam 00: Girls.
Kaiji: People who identify so well with the main character that it's scary.
Berserk: Those who are desperate enough to wait months for something that isn't moe .
Monster: "It seems mature so it must be good" crowd.
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Homosexual. Or not. The line has been blurred.
Junji Ito: The kind of people who are fascinated by toenail clippings.
Hellsing: Voted "Most likely to get stupid tattoos" in high school.
Boku no Pico: People who like high quality, anime classics. Huge, enthusiastic fanbase who recommends it to everyone.

More will come in the future, once I'm granted more time/money for a field study. Enjoy.