Why Gundam 00 sucks

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-Plot holes

Ptolemy is unarmed. Then we see Ptolemy attacked and it's firing beams. WTF? Also, The real GN drives are supposed to be able to run indefinitely, but they use the OUT OF AMMO (except replace 'ammo' with 'particles') excuse they used with Amuro at least a hundred times in MSG?

-Power levels

Don't even try and deny this one. Trans-am system? What the fuck is this shit?

-QUALITY animation

Every scene where someone's not in a Gundam looks like shit, and even if it doesn't the animation looks jerky and bad. How does Sunrise get away with this shit?


There are like 3 people in this show that aren't faggots, one gets like 2-3 lines per show, one has been in the show like twice, and one DIED. Even the only semi-manly comic relief fag that was in love with the colonel died (well, probably, we'll see). All the males are simply yaoi fanservice with a side order of moving the 'plot' along, just like the females only exist for their tits. Even Lelouch is 10x more manly than anyone in this show except for the aforementioned four characters.

-Bad character interaction

So they killed off a bunch of crew members in 24? So the fuck what. OoooOOoo he's got a mechanical body, am I supposed to care that he and a milkbag died since they both had like one line in the entire show? At least most of the minor characters they slaughtered in Zeta had a major role to play in the show (the old captain of the Argama, the leader of the AEUG. This show on the other hand just kills people without eveloping any attachment to them, so you're left not giving two shits and thinking the episode was retarded. I would have felt more emotion from Astronaige being killed off (the Argama mechanic guy).

tl;dr Ep24 fucking sucked. I was already considering dropping it before, but this is really over the top. I'll probably watch the end of this season but I'm not gonna watch a second one.