Shipping in 00

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I like pairings in my shows, whether they be all action, or etc. I was wondering what /a/'s opinion of a good pairing in Gundam 00 would be. See originally I thought with the whole Setsuna and Marina thing they were gonna do another Heero Relena thing(facepalm), but she really hasnt gotten much camera time and it would seem she isn't really popular. Then I looked further into it and turns out Marina is 24 years old to Setsuna's 16 which i dont think Gundam would role with that seeing as how people thought oh Lockon and Feldt are gonna end up together, but then Lockon was killed :'(, but looking at their age difference it's even higher. With what's happened lately and with who's left alive I could definately see them shipping Setsuna and Feldt seeing as how there isnt really an age difference there.