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"Oh, I hope I never get so boring you figure out everything about me," said Trowa. "It's so much fun finding out how ticklish your feet are, for instance."

"And I found out you want me to dress up like a French courtesan," sniggered Quatre.

"I do not," said Trowa indignantly. "That was just a joke."

"I'd do it," said Quatre, teasingly, kissing him on the end of the nose. "But only on Halloween."

"Not that desperate yet, my love," said Trowa, returning the kiss a little lower.

Quatre wound his arms around the neck below him, deepening the kiss until their began to explore each other's mouths hungrily.

Trowa broke free first. "I'm getting back on the bed," he said, pulling away.

"What's wrong?" asked Quatre, looking slightly worried.

"No way am I gonna get rug burns again," said Trowa, pushing himself off of the carpeted floor. "Especially on my ass."