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Hello /a/,

I may be asking in a totally wrong place, but I believe you are the guys who know the answer to this question. If you have time, please enlighten me.

Well, in short, what I want to know is good anime/manga to watch and read as a language text. Like some of /a/nons are learning moon runes from anime/manga, some of us, Japanese otaku, are looking to using subbed or dubbed anime and scanlations as supplementary material to learn English. But, as you know, our engrihs sucks so hard there's no way to tell which is English translation and which is QUALITY engrish transration. So, could you let me know your favorites that you think are decently translated? If possible, dubbed anime would be better because we can practice pronunciations with them. But I'd also be happy with English subs or manga. As far as I've hear of, these are at least tolerable dubs:

Cowboy Bebop,
Samurai Champloo,
Ghost in the shell,
Any of Ghibli's.

Any recommendations and opinions are much appreciated.

Anonymous of 2ch