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Hi Again @_@

Hey Tehmk, sorry about yesterday, I was half asleep -_-. I like the Haruhied one xD. I would even like more one where she was playing with a ps2 controler, but I don't remember the exact episode >_<. Also, thanks a lot, you're cool as hell :D.

Today is a very spiral day, I finally bought the white fabric for my Dai gurren dan flag ^__^. It's 1.40m wide and 2m long, the "stick" ( Sorry, I don't know the exact word in english to name it xD) is 3m.... Do you guys think it would be GAR enough??? XD.

On another note.... maybe being Spanish and all..... should I change my family name to GARcia ??? xDD.

PD: xpto, it's because Kona-chan is MOAR as HELL itself >_<.
PD2: ... maybe someone can post a link to the dai gurren brigade thread, so I can request joineage???? nyoron??? :3.