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Hey /a/. I have a few questions that I really need answers to.

Back in 01 - 02 I had digital cable(comcast) and watched a channel called "The Action Channel". It was pretty cool. It was a movie channel, but every now and then it had anime. I remember it having Blue Seed and Shadow Skill. But my problem is, now I want to watch those animes i watched back then. The only issue is.. I don't know the names for some of them. One was a robot fighting one with mild nudity and some pretty awesome mechs. I can't remember much more about it. Another one was this one that involved a singer/actress. She gets kidnapped and a robot takes her place on stage. And since the original has no reason to live, they try to kill her. I forget what happens next or anything much more about it. But it was awesome.

Any help is appreciated.