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It is clear that many of you have no idea what the true meaning of GAR is.

Time for a history lesson. It contains spoilers. In episode 14 of Fate Stay/Night, one of the characters, Archer, dies in combat to delay his foe, Berserker, from catching up to his allies. Before he goes into battle, he does two things. First, he gives the main character some motivational advice. Second, he destroys his exit. So that no one can risk their lives to help him, and so that he can't retreat. He confidently goes into battle, knowing he is no match for Berserker, still with the intent of defeating him, and at the very least, stalling him. In the actual duel, he unleashes a barbaric attack, in which he materializes numerous bladed weapons, and stabs Berserker with them in a suicide charge.
Someone on /a/ noticed how badass this was, and posted "Episode 14 made me totally gar for Archer."
This is the origin of the term, and thus it's definition should remain true to it's original purpose.
From the example of Archer, we have a few dimensions to what Gar means. These specifically are:

Courage, Willingness to move forward without retreat
Self Sacrifice
Ability to do "epic" feats
Motivational speaker
Able to cause people to make exceptions in their sexuality for their specific case.

It is not simply about how badass a character is. Badass is a one dimensional trait. Gar has five or more dimensions to it, as I have just listed. It is not just about manliness. And it is not about being a likable character. It's about emulating Archer.