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Holy shit mai hime sucked balls

I went in not thinking much of it, but wow was i disappointed. My friend told me that it was DEEP and depressing, really now it was tripe and very bland.

Not only that, but all the ideas in it have been done by so many other animes, I really was hoping for some really cool concepts with the hime's and their children. What do we get? A fucking TOURNAMENT FIGHT TO THE DEATH arc like in every other fucking shounen.

What's worse? They drag the "Do I love him or not?" shit with Mai and Tate through the ENTIRE SERIES? I thought mai would end up fucking her brother since Tate was thrown into the background for the first half of the series, but then they pull a 180, kill off her brother really early, and then she realizes "wow I must love tate!"

Really the characters in the series were all bland. You got your generic moral high horse, unsure of herself heroine. You got your cool loner lesbian heroine, your whore, your geeky quiet lesbian, the moeblob who attaches herself to the leg of the main heroine's love interest, and the standard "mysterious girl with mysterious past with mysterious powers". There were a few good characters like the teacher, but the majority of them were horribly overdone examples of shitty characters.

And to top it all off, they cut out all the fighting in the entire series in place of DEEP introverted conversations, and then end up with a "everyone lives happily ever after" ending. Which comes straight out a left field since they were pushing the "lol everyone must die" through the entire tournament arc. Then they bring everyone back on the last episode and they're all friends again.

/a/ warned me Mai Hime was shitty, but I was not expecting that low quality (I confess that I looked up to Sunrise a bit). The most enjoyable part of it for me was the OST, it really had a nice musical score.