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So /a/ you realise in your life that you'll never have a girlfriend and you'll never get a family and you'll life will end up being total nothing.

You realise that society is just not as good as it was just pumped up to be. You Realise you will alwayse be living with your parents.

You realise you will never go out and do stuff with other people. you realise that you life is just endless tournemt and anguish.

There is nothing in this life that can truly cheer you up and there is nothing that can amend what was broken when people push you aside.

You realise that people like me... arn't people we are just the sound in the wind in the trees.
You realise that people otaku..geeks...nerds life isn't what it was all cracked up to be.

Your on tablets cos people decieve you and you feel that people judge you when they look at you. you never understood rights and wrongs.

you stay at home and just fap to lolipronz.
you'll never see the light of day.
you'll never feel or say anything to anyone cos when your out and feeling blue cos no one with ever love you.

you just realise that this world isn't fair to people like you and me, together otaku and me.