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Okay, since the mods team has taken action let's support userbases view on tripcoders. First of all my _name_ was permabanned --yes, that's right simply typing Meru Otonashi in you name field with any trip gets you permabanned--. What the fuck, I mean I was originally banned because of some newfag mod did not like my style. How could I respect such ban? And now this, it's like the who team is attacking me for some reason. Okay, guys bring it on! I can take it. Anyways, let's talk about tripcoding. The up and downsides of it, okay? I'd say that using a trip is not wrong but the thing that makes it suck is how community reacts to it. Take Cirno for an example, you guys suck on his tiny NEET cock like there is no tomorrow and yet he has not contributed ever anything useful. I must admit that maybe I've crossed the line once or twice myself but still note that I do contribute actual content and as for the attentionwhoring, I couldn't care less about what some anonymous ppl think about me so.... get it?

Is there any good spellchecker for opera btw.?