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You know... at first, I thought I was going to finally have a home when /jp/ opened. Japanese culture and all that jazz. Awesome!

I was wrong.
I only raged.
All the misconceptions, the raging weeaboo rejects of Japan, the frequent shitstorms and RPing.. I tried to stomach it for a few weeks, see if it would just sink in, but less and less I post as each day passed by. I'm tired of correcting every single misconceptions.
Now I just don't want to go there anymore, but it's the only board with MB threads.
I know, I know... I'm going to have to make sacrifices, right? Anything to make up for the time that I lost with you. I'll even put up with the makotofags here and there.

But you know /a/.. you were never faggots like /jp/. You were and still are douchebag, cockwipe asstarts sometimes but at least you were likeable in that way.
But why did I just realize this now..?
Maybe this is what they mean when it's only when you lose something that you truly notice?

I'm sorry I left you /a/, please forgive me..