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Most men who browse /a/ are actually smart, reserved guys. I wouldn't call them antisocial (or maybe I haven't met the antisocial ones) but just basically normal guys who aren't very open or ballsy. They are the kind of men who are gems when they hit their 30's because women suddenly wake up to the fact that clubbers don't make great husbands.

Women who browse /a/ have elitist tech-bitch syndrome. They are generally the biggest, most unforgiving bitches in the world, and they masturbate to ronery threads made by what used to be a male-/a/ population. They laugh at our inadequacy and sneer at us, and god knows we'll be seeing them hooked up with some abusive guy in a couple of years who has relationships on the side.


What I am trying to say is, don't look for women in /a/. Ever.