Gundam 00 season 2 speculation

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-no huge timeskip. Season 2 will start maybe a few months after the end of 1.

-Graham plays a little role in 25, but he comes to save the day by capturing Sumeragi, Felt and co.

-we'll see a big CB split. some going MIA and others changing sides. Wang Liu Mei, Nena, Allelujah/Hallelujah stay behind. Sumeragi and the others will join Billy and Graham and start a new movement similar to AEUG.

-The person who's pulling all the strings starts leaking info to Saji about the Gundam meisters. Saji won't be piloting any mobile suits but rather becomes involved with a new terrorist organization that's the focus in the early episodes of season 2.

-Setsuna goes into hiding near Azadistan with his Exia. Will reappear when Marina becomes endangered.

-Those hitmen guys taking everyone out who investigate CB will be countered early on and the first links to the mastermind will be revealed. My bet is on Sergei and Soma playing this role. Sergei will realize something is going on soon.