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Hey /a/.

How exactly do you classify anime music? If someone asked what kind of music you enjoyed, and assuming you didn't want to lie, what exactly do you tell them? Japanese music? Anime music? Foreign music? Let's use an example, here's the song that is currently being played on my playlist.

What genre do you put that under? Pop? Rock? Moon? I've recently been telling people that ask me that I listen to Japanese music. The question that soon follows would be if I was Japanese where I would say no, then they'd dismiss it and talk about something else. I'm Korean so maybe people generally don't find it to be odd since I'm Asian, but my friend does the same thing who is very white and he gets bombarded with questions afterward like about him being able to understand it or not. Personally I would find that to be fucking annoying so I have no idea why he puts up with it.

I get the occasional "What kind of Japanese music?" question, where I would just respond with "All kinds", not to hide my power level but just because I don't think said person would understand what "Anime music" is.

Yes I understand /a/ doesn't leave his house/apartment, has no human contact, and is nothing but a filthy hikki. However, most people have jobs or go to school and a lot of people enjoy listening to music while they commute and they get the occasional question regarding it, so in before the meme.

tl;dr What genre do you classify anime music under?