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Today on my way to my local movie shop i saw this little fat brat i knew just by looking at him he was a dipshit so i avoided him when walking into the store. and what surprise when i saw him following me into the shop and heading straight towards the anime section where I stood. he went for good titles (i saw him taking Gankutsou with him) i couldnt stand for this so i waited until he was done shopping and followed him to the counter and quickly like a ninja pinched him in the butt and dissolved from the scene just as quickly. im sure nobody saw me cause the clerk grabbed ahold of some other guy in the line. when it was finally my turn and the little bastard was about to leave our eyes met and I swear the little bastard was gonna call the clerk on me.. but he just left.
Can you believe it? I really hate spoiled little "holier than thou" shits like that kids so much