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What are the last two anime that you watched in their entirety? Why did you watch them and what did you think of them?

Watched: Texhnolyze
Why: I saw a picture of the DVD cover and someone said something along the lines of, "It picks up after he stops grunting all the time." I started downloading immediately after that.
What I thought: Good storyline and art. Ichise is the only one who shows any character development, but of course he's the main character. Ending was sad. It reminded me a bit of Gungrave. Wouldn't have been as good if it ended any other way.

Watched: Twelve Kingdoms
Why: I started on it ages ago but I stalled out about half way through. I wanted to pick it back up again.
What I thought: Needs more episodes! 45 is not enough! The beginning reminded me of Escaflowne. I really enjoyed the whole "classic fantasy" setting as opposed to the usual "fantasy elements in a modern setting." It's good enough that I bought the first light novel of it. I'm broke at the moment or I'd buy the second book too. Also, fuck you Tokyopop for only releasing it in hardcover.