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So guys, more info from the GL mook now that I'm further in my reading:

-Nakajima's favorite character is grappehippo.
-Yoko was designed by Nishigori to be the "image" of the show, even when Kamina and Nia are written to be the main supporting characters and Simon is the lead.
-Simon post-timeskip is supposed to look princely. Nishigori couldn't avoid giving him influences from shoujo manga so that he would match Nia. How he and Nia looked as a couple was the most important part of the design, it was integral to the storytelling. They wanted people to feel their relationship by just seeing them together, without need for exposition.
-Gurren-Lagann's physical universe is indeed intended to be part a bigger multiverse of possibilities.
-Viral's wife is called Tsuuma.
-The reason Imaishi choose Nakajima as the script writer for Lagann is how he really knows he is writing for animation, his developments are very visual and rely a lot on a good production staff.
-There were a few instances of retroscripting in the show. Episode 4 was basically done this way.
-Makken's last line was recorded to be "Heh, I couldn't get my last taste of momma's spicy curry..."