Dirty Sex in Gantz

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Yes, it's really dirty.

* v5 c56 p183: Kurono sits on a toilet bowl with no pants on.
* v5 c56 pp184-185: Gantz transfers Kurono into the room in front of everyone pantless.
* v5 c58 p213: Sakuraosa wants to use the bathroom but Kurono does not know if there is a bathroom in the apartment.
* v6 c59 p6: Kurono asks Sakuraosa for sex.
* v6 c59 p10: Sakuraosa takes off Kurono's clothing.
* v6 c59 p11: Sakuraosa faces Kurono's dick at close range.
* v6 c59 p16: Kurono enters Sakuraosa's body.

See? There's something terribly wrong with the sex. Kurono possibly just put on his pants without any clean up and in a few minutes he's fucking Lara Croft! This sex scene is really dirty!