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The Messenger had no second-in-command. Even from such short a distance, even with all her mental capacity, it took an effort to continue escaping the man's physical assaults, ordering the ships to attack, and listening for the aide's orders all at the same time. The man had found a flaw in their plan, and in doing so, turned the human disadvantage into an advantage.

"What do you think, Messenger?" the man laughed as he swung at her again. "Strength in numbers! Comes pretty handy, eh?"

She had no time to answer. Fifteen of the Anti-Spiral ships had just been destroyed. She needed to concentrate harder on defenses or they would soon be wiped out. She listened hard for the aide’s next order, hearing one word before warping, and catching the end of a word after reappearing. Not enough information. Were the humans trying a new tactic? Would it be wiser to attack or defend? No time to analyze the odds. Another thirty ships destroyed. Perhaps she should defend half of the remaining ships and send the rest to—

Her thoughts were cut short by the man's leg tripping her feet. Before she could realize what was happening, the Messenger fell to the floor on her back. And suddenly he was on top of her, pinning her arms and legs to the deck, breathing heavily in her face. "Finally caught you!" he announced triumphantly.

The Messenger narrowed her eyes. As if something so simple could keep her from—

The ship rocked from another series of explosions, but this time they were merely aftershocks from the destruction of the remaining Anti-Spiral fleets. The aide ordered "Shields!" and the ship was spared the worst of the damage.

The Messenger's eyes widened slightly in what was, to her, an expression of shock. The man smirked at her, and drew in closer, so close their noses almost touched, and whispered teasingly, "Fall to despair."