No.10377692 ViewReplyOriginalReport while some scenes in Haruhi work just the same or even better with the genders reversed, some simply don't have the same impact. Let's use the computer club scene pictured here. First and most glaring obstacle would be that the computer club is now populated only by girls. This generally doesn't happen with computer clubs, for whatever reason. The idea of a computer club run by women then becomes a bit laughable and stretches the limits of "suspension of disbelief." However, if we assume that computer club is still has mostly male members and that only the club president is female (as pictured here) then the situation becomes more believable, to a degree. However, the scene now simple does not have the same impact. It would be extremely difficult for male Haruhi to convince anyone that a woman over-powered and took advantage of male Mikuru, even with pictorial evidence and when his frail physique is brought into question. It would be foolish for male Haruhi to believe he could use this unbelievable story for blackmail. No doubt the club president would simple laugh at their attempt and go on with her day. In the end, many of the scenes in Haruhi simply don't work with genders reversed and would have to be extensively rewritten, taking away much of the appeal of these scenes.

tl;dr - Reversing the genders makes some of the scenes stupid as hell.