Christian Anime Alliance and Nanoha

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I don't know what to do. On one hand, sure, it would be fun. But on the other hand, they make it WAY TO EASY. I don't know if I want to put on my rape face, or just watch and let them be, while I sit here, bewildered and confused, being as this is somewhat entertaining in its own right.

>Another thing I should mention is that, while there is no shoujo-ai in this series, it’s undoubtedly one of those series that the fans will twist to make it fit. Caution, there are spoilers in the next paragraph regarding this issue.

>You're been warned. Well, here it is. . .
Nanoha and Fate become very close friends by the end of the series, and some may interpret that as closer than a friendship (which it isn’t). Another issue is Arf, Fate’s friend and guardian, who looks like a dog, but can also turn into a woman. As Fate’s guardian, she is supposed to have a very close relationship with her, and is supposed to take care of her. Again, some could interpret this as a shoujo-ai relationship, but it isn’t really portrayed as anything other than a close friendship/connection.