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HI my name is Hinata hehe but my real name is Leslie ^^ u could cll me that if u want ^_^ im ganna tell u a lttl about me ok. i hav alot of freinds at school i dont even now how many hehe XD my fav hobbies r drawing anime and playing basketball ^^ and and 4 u to now my fav anime is Naruto of cures hehe ^^ and ya Hinata is my fav in Naruto X3 ... Naruto-kun is so CUTE ! X3 hehe ... oh ya in some of the pics will hav names of my freinds and me cues we pretend were thoes charitors srry i dont speel good ^^ ... and ya i now its weird that we thing were them hehe but it fun ^^ well thats all i hav to say