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Alright guys, I've got a question for you. What's a show you've watched in its entirety and liked little enough never ever to recommend it to anyone?

Here are a couple examples, so we have a format:

Show: Saikano
Why is it so bad?: Flat, unsympathetic, uninspired. Saikano follows the final days of the Earth from the viewpoint of a real chump of a guy and his twerpy girlfriend, who became the ultimate weapon after being subjected to a largely unexplained biotechnological experiment.
Why the fuck did you watch it all?: I couldn't help but hope that something worth watching would happen.
High points: The girl accidentally uses a satellite to catch her boyfriend fucking another girl and freaks out. I lolled. Plus, Akemi, the only mildly believable character in the show, dies horribly, confessing to the protagonist before dying screaming in his arms. I wept openly.
Low points: Dear god, too many to mention, but the worst of it probably occurred in the first or second ep when the girlfriend announced to her new boyfriend "I'm the ultimate weapon MAH BOOOOOOOOI"