Teen Titans Green Lantern

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So /a/ I watched Gurren Lagann and it was alright I suppose but there's a few issues I had with it.
1) Kamina this guy was just over the top and I think irrespective of Simon's actions or lack thereof he was heading for an early end. As Rossiu said his purpose was best served by helping them move on.
2) As soon as they entered space the story really threw reason to the curb. I knew I was in for stupid hax when the Mugen got punched into a hole in space but nothing could have prepared for the level of foolishness I was about to be exposed to. The show never promised to be realistic but pretimeskip they faced long odds but had a chance which they used but post time skip they had no chance but their belief powered them through it all. Now I suppose this would've been easier to swallow had it not been preceded by some of the most reasonable episodes in the form of the Rossiu eps as I like to call them. Well I skipped all of the episode save for the last one which whilst as wacky as the ones I skipped was pretty epic.

Yeah well that's it troll, sage, agree or disagree I leave it to you