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I dont get why you guys constantly say that Bleach's plot is predictable. Its not. Things like Grimmjow wanting to fight Ichigo again could be seen miles off, yes...but everyone was predicting the captains wouldnt be able to hurt the Espada since Ichigo beat Byakuya and couldnt even injure Grimmjow in his unreleased form.

Then everyone was saying that Orihime would release the hogyouku's true power, but then it turns out Aizen just wanted to make Soul Society think that and lure in the captains to trap them there.

Meanwhile hes invading the Human World and going to fight what appears to be a sucidal battle against half of the captains with only him, Tousen and Gin.

People were also saying that Ichigo was going to beat Noitora(Number 5), Emospada(number 4) and Halibel(Most likely number 3) in that order, but then the captains came in and saved their ass, after everyone predicted that it would be either Isshin/Arrowdad and/or the Vaizards, but they never showed up.

Most of the Bleach predictions have been wrong because Kubo has been able to avoid the cliched plot everyone has been expecting and pull out plot twists like the one in Chapter 314, where it turns out he didnt want Orihime for her powers after all.