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Look, let me tell you a little secret.

Not everyone loses their virginity. Not everyone gets married. Not everyone finds true love. Not everyone gets to be happy.

You, and I, and many of the people from /a/, we happen to fall into the category of "not get".

Our tunnels do not have lights at the end. No one is going to pass by the well and help us out. We are stuck on islands by which no ships will pass to save us.

No, no happiness is meant to come our way. We are destined, instead, for a dark, black, inky, impenetrable loneliness, one from which we will never be able to escape. Our pathetic souls will cry out in anguish, with much "wailing and gnashing of teeth," but no one will hear our calls, and even if they did, none would rescue us.

Just accept that for someone such as myself, or you, there is not happiness. There is no love. There is nothing, except that familliar cold emptiness.