I'd like some recomendations plz?

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Hey /a/,
On monday, I am going in for surgery on my lower back (Pulinary sinus or something. doesn't really matter.) and I'm going to be out of commission for about two weeks. Luckily for me, I'm going to be laying around for two weeks right next to my TV and 360 so I can stream media. I was wondering, /a/, what anime should I check out? Recently I finished Peach Girl (and loved it until the end), and Ghost Hound, and am currently watching Ghost Hunt and Moon Phase and enjoying both greatly. I'm up for a good mystery, horror anime, or shoujo anime, it's a weird mix, I know- but any suggestions are welcome.

tl;dr - going to be completely fucked over for two weeks, give me shoujo, mystery, or horror anime to watch!
pic related because I'm contemplating watching through Girls Bravo, even though it's not any of the types listed.