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Okay, maybe /tv/ can help me out here. My friend showed me this animated Asian film (I say that only because I distinctly remember my friend calling it 'Chinese') that involves a teenaged boy and his dog getting killed and living in some area wheres ghosts get to dick around for a short while. He meets this witch-girl and he falls in love with her, but is saddened to hear that he must be reincarnated, and will lose all memory of her. Ghosts lose their memory through an intricate, factory-like process that involves dodging giant mallets that knock the memory right out of you. While retaining his memory, he is reincarnated into a young boy, and his dog is transformed into a cat. He finds out that the witchbitch hid inside a parasol that they had brought with them, and they all lived happily ever after. What the fuck was this called? Pic related.