dahn eleven unicef association

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Japan UNICEF Associaton (false unicef) wantchange the law anti-child porn in japan.
And animes will be included.
I would understand ban "kodomo no jikan" but don´t you think 18 years old as child is wrong?

principal changes.

possession of child porn(under 18 years old) = party van.
Animes games and manga included in anti porn law.
The verification of porn will be maked by characters body characteristic.
(Sarah and Rachael, of las lindas by Chaolo, Soulkat & ID_FOX. They would be considerated child porn. looks 17 years old IS child porn in this law modification.)
Child voices by actors over 18 years old = prohibited

Sorry, but japan unicef sux.
They are using childs for censorchip.
They should censor the childs photos, no draws.
<- they are child, can you believe?