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Hi /a/. I was bored and thinking about what class of servant certain characters would be andI thought, A famous hero doesn't necessarily have to be the same class all the time. We all agree that Simon is a Rider, but then depending on the robot he's using, he could change class.

For example;

The GL was the first one to use the Giga Drill Breaker, which is an extremely long drill, probably as long as a Lance if the GL was the size of the human body. So Simon in the GL would be a Lancer.

The AGL uses a simple one hit attack. As soon as it was made it used that punch and defeated the last Muganns. That makes it fitting as Assassin.

The CGGL's signature move is the Mealstrom Cannon and Megavortex Cannon. It stays still on the spot but can shoot any point in space and time if it wants to. That would make it an Archer.

And of course, it goes without saying, the TTGL would be a Berserker.