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Hi /a/ I heard you all like anime so I wanted to show you my original naruto character called bonk. If you can see the black and white eyes and hair that is my way of making her even more original.

Bonk is one of my Naruto original characters and she's, well... different. She wears that dog collar cone all the time, and she is a leaf village genin, as indicated by the leaf village symbol drawn on the cone with magic marker. The three smiley faces drawn on her stomach, hand, and thigh are also drawn with magic marker. I like to call her a 'Hyuchiha'. A Hyuga/Uchiha child that came out... very wrong... She was born just before the Uchiha clan was killed off. Thus, the Byaringan. I don't think all of the centers of her brain are fully intact. While other leaf village genin dream of becoming hokage or a member of the ANBU black ops when they grow up, little Bonk wants to betray her village and join Akatsuki.

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