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Ok, I just saw EoE and, while I appreciate it for what it is, and it was enjoyable, I can't help but feel let down.

First bone of contention: that scene where Shinji and Eva 01 are jumpin out of the bunker and see Eva 02 all fucked up and he screams? I was all "Yeah! Let's rock and roll motherfuckers! Shinji's gunna fuck some SHIT UP!" But then all he does is whine and shit, and then the angel-looking Evas bite him and impale him and shit and then they turn the whole world orange or some shit like that.

Also, when Shinji was in the world without AT fields, and it was just him fuckin' Rei? That's actually a pretty awesome world, I wouldn't have given that up. An eternity of Rei-fuckin'. Awesome.

Also, the ending was a little bleak and open-ended, I wish I got some real concluding all up in that bitch.