Rukia and Orihime are both useful ...

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.... they just don't know how to function around the men in their lives.

This is Orihime: Kurosaki-kun! Are you alright Kurosaki-kun?! I'm going to save you Kurosaki-kun! Hang in there Kurosaki-kun! Don't die Kurosaki-kun! KUROSAKI-KUUUUN!

This is Rukia: Kaien-dono! It can't be him, but it really is Kaien-dono! It's all my fault! No, he isn't Kaien-dono! I'm so sorry Kaien-dono! I let you die Kaien-dono! KAIEN-DONOOOO!

Orihime merely appears worse because Ichigo is always there whilst Rukia only has to confront Kaien/the memory of Kaien when given time to brood or in exceptional circumstances like the 9th taking his form. Her Kaien lust rendered her extremely susceptible to an attack from a fodder hollow making her forget her numerous long distance shikai attacks and kidou