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Since I haven't done my review on ep 05 yet, I simply can neglect my duty as a fan any longer. Here it goes:

Whole lotta amazing stuff going on in this episode! Thanks again for the subber guy for doing it. I'm just gonna sketch out some of my thoughts about the episode since I don't feel like complaining about the hikki or absence of Meru-chan today. What the hell, I'm even going to skip the Meru Meru screencaps and get right to the point.

- so there is this new waifu girl doing the curry. nice chara. i like her very much. always nice to see matoi pissed like that.
- sports, huh? i didnt quite get the idea about that alternative festival.
- culture, science or sports? which would i be? id say im mostly science person with borderline troll versus decent tripperson touch.
- futoushi doing the football kick was cool.
- the flying kiss scene was yucky, even though kaere handled it kind of neatly. what thee helll?? btw. there was kiss reference in my animu. kiss is the best ever! <3 seriously KISS fucking rocks the shit out of pretty much all bands out there. im down with the drummer with the cool whiskers.
- the left over thingy was pretty worthless. nice to see more abiru anyways.
- the last part of the episode was kind of hectic. lot of stuff going on and meru does nice appearance.
- the tsundere thing for ai kaga ws hilarious.
- chiri wearing miko outfit.
- what else? im prolly missing something important. anyways, oh my god! there is a KISS reference. its official now, this is the best freaking anime ever. literally.
- all in all this was the best episode of ZSZS so far. great animation and art as usual. no excessive fanservice. excellent humour and pretty much every chara does its appearance and some even gain more depth.