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So like, I just finished Planates.

****Spoilers maybe? probably not:***

I have to say, for a realistic slice of lifer drama/romance with a few other genres spliced in, it was excellent.

Though I did find the.... emotional elements they tried to implement to be a bit flat overall. Though I guess that's what made it even more realistic therefore enjoyable for the genre and overall story elements it was trying to portray (shit doesn't always work out, you can't always achieve your dreams at no cost/without hardship, there is always a cost, etc.. etc..).

I have to say I did enjoy it thoroughly and it's the first anime since.... last I can remember is Zero no Tsukaima anyways, that kept be sitting through it in one night (since I haven't been able to marathon more than 1 or 2 series of anything in one sitting for a few years now, I think that's notable, personally).

What were your opinions on the plus and minus points in Planetes?

Emotionally Flat though kept to realism