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Mushishi is one of those pure shit series you can only watch into once in a long while without puking your heart out in the bathrom. It consists out of 26 episodes, and each of these episodes tells a story about stupid people, living in the more boring areas of medieval Japan and their encounters with the terribly designed creatures called Mushi.

I am disappointed to say that each and every one of the stories, told in Mushishi turned out to be simply crap. It’s just one huge chunk of non-stop "bathroom-full-of-shit" atmosphere. Each episode takes its time to tell its faggotry story. The terrible of this is that every one of the cases resorts to contrived plot devices. At times, people are fated to die, or people have to live with a horrible burden for the rest of their lives. At other times, however, only after years and years the problem can be solved. It's like if the whole script was written by a bunch of rabid monkeys.