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anime noob here,

i've been trying for quite some time to find some anime that isn't garbage, without much success. maybe i'm just too picky with my tastes. most of the stuff that my girlfriend or other people i know like is crap to me. i'm looking for something epic, dark, mature, with a fairly complicated plot that makes me think. and i can't stand overdramatic cartoon-like ADD type characters. the characters need to be cool and developed. that's my biggest beef with most anime. to name some that i've seen and liked: Vampire Hunter D movie, Armitage, Escaflowne movie, Cowboy Be-bop was decent but not really my style. All that crap like Bleach, Blood+(not sure but it was one of the blood's that was lame), Naruto, DBZ, pretty much any of the crap that's popular now is shit to me. so. any suggestions?